Millie’s Vegetarian Vegetable Soup


There is no meat or fat of any kind in this recipe – just veggies. Use a good-sized pot. Turn the heat to medium-low to start. All measurements are very approximate and to your own taste.

Pour into pot 28 oz. of canned tomatoes (two small cans or one large).

I also coarsely chop and add about 3 very ripe tomatoes; don’t bother pealing them.

Then add the harder veggies that need to cook the longest. All chops are coarse:

Carrots (about 2 cups)
Celery (about 3 stalks)
Onions (about 2 Vidalia)
Corn (about 3 or 4 ears cut off the cob, and scraped or you can use frozen)
Frozen butter beans (about two cups)
(Could also – or instead of – use crowder peas, field peas, limas, whatever)

After bringing the pot to a simmer, add:

Okra, sliced (all of a package of fresh from Publix – not sure how much)
Bag o’ cabbage (shredded plain or with carrots)
Green beans – fresh or frozen (about 1½ to 2 cups)
Yellow squash (2 large ones – can also use zucchini)
One green pepper
Mushrooms (1 lb. fresh, sliced or  a large jar packed in water, no butter)
Bag o’ spinach
(Mama also added potatoes, but I usually don’t because I don’t think they freeze well.)

Simmer until the okra has fallen apart and the other veggies are no longer crunchy but have not turned to mush. To me, the cabbage is a good indicator of doneness. At this point, add about two teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon of freshly ground pepper. Stir well and taste; add more salt if needed, but be careful, because the canned tomatoes include a good bit of salt.

I usually serve this soup with corn bread. Another tip I just learned from Jerry: it’s good served chilled like gazpacho.

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