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If you’re here, then you know me. If this is your first visit, please read this post.

I have always been the cook, but a few years ago, after his retirement, Stan began to become slightly more interested in cooking. He asked me how to make simple things he likes such as lentil soup. So I would sit at the counter providing step-by-step instructions as he cooked. He made notes as he went along. It occurred to me that, should anything happen to me, he really lacks the most basic cooking skills needed to prepare simple dishes. I decided I would make a cookbook for him containing instructions for all the dishes he likes that are simple to prepare, so if I’m not around, he can still eat well.

Fast forward to now, Spring 2018, as I was adding a couple of recipes to my cookbook outline in the word processor, it occurred to me how many good cooks we have in our family and among our friends. I thought it might be nice if we had a way to share our simple-but-delicious recipes and cooking tips with each other. Light bulb comes on above head! A recipe blog! Posting recipes online would make adding, sharing and adjusting recipes easy. Since retirement, I’ve done nothing with my domain jochapman.com so I decided to use it instead of purchasing a new domain, and so here we are.

As a family member or close friend, you’re invited to send me any recipes you would like to share with your family and extended family, and I’ll post them. You’re encouraged to include any factoids about the recipe that you think are interesting. This is only an invitation – no pressure. If you’re a visitor whose looking for simple-to-make and tasty recipes, I invite you to try some of these and let me know how they turn out for you.

Should you want to submit a recipe, the rules are simple:
First, it should be delicious!
Second, it should be simple to make (no fancy cooking techniques) with ingredients that are easy to obtain.
Kitchen “how to” tips are also welcome. Recipe and kitchen tip photos are welcome and encouraged.
That’s it!

To send me a recipe, email it to me or click on the Send Jo a Recipe link located in the upper right of the home page. Fill in your name and email address and type in (or copy and paste in) your recipe or kitchen tip. One caveat: send recipes in digital form only, please (email, text or the submission form).

A note about the teapot: I have a quite few teapots, but this is my favorite. It’s a Hall teapot from the 1950s and was a Christmas gift from my dear friend, Pat, about ten years ago. Pat was artistic and creative and so much fun to be with. She lived her life with style. I think about her often.


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  1. Lyni friedman says:

    Thank you and will definitely follow your site! Live it! Great idea and Stan will now not starve!!!😂
    Roy said that Roxanne made a great lasagna!


  2. Lyni friedman says:

    I hate self correct it is Roz Stan’s mom


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