A Simple Separation

Of course, there are many tools available for this task. However this method for separating the egg yolk from the white is very easy and requires only your hands. Place two bowls on the counter, and break an egg into the first bowl.

egg sep1
Tip the bowl containing the egg slightly up with your left hand then gently slide your right hand fingers under the yolk. Carefully lift up the yolk, allowing the white to slip between your fingers.

egg sep2

After the white has drained back into the bowl, deposit the separated yolk into the other awaiting bowl.

egg sep3

If you are using the egg yolks in a recipe, a little bit of egg white clinging to the yolks won’t matter. However, if you are planning to use the whites for whipping (such as for meringue), any little bit of egg yolk remaining in the whites will prevent them from whipping.

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